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The State Guardian ad Litem Board is committed to providing volunteer and employee GALs a wide range of ongoing training opportunities.

There are four core training modules that guardians ad litem are required to complete.  The training must be approved by the State Guardian ad Litem Board. 

Juvenile Protection Training 
Attend a minimum of (40) forty hours of guardian ad litem training focused on child protection.

Domestic Violence Training 
In addition to the 40 hour pre-service training, within the first twelve (12) months of their service, every GAL shall also complete no less than (6) six hours of training on domestic and family violence.

Indian Child Welfare Act Training 
Individuals who may be assigned Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) cases must complete an additional (6) six hours of specialized training in the Indian Child Welfare Act.

Family Court Training 
GAL employees who serve in family court, must complete the juvenile protection and family violence training requirements above and, within their first twelve (12)  months of work, attend an additional 16 hour training course regarding family court  matters. 


Additional information regarding the requirements and qualifications to be a guardian ad litem are outlined in the  Requirements and Guidelines (Non-statutory)