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Case Histories and Articles

Case Histories

  • Older Youth
    A GAL in southwestern Minnesota had been appointed for several older girls in different cases.  This GAL advocated for these girls as they transitioned out of care in foster homes into their independent lives.  Three of the young women went on to college.  Of the three who went on to college, two of them got married.  One of the young women who got married landed an excellent full-time job and the other has continued with her college education.  The third young woman is still in college and is studying to become a nurse.

  • Adoption for Abandoned Refugee Youth
    A GAL in the Twin Cities had been appointed to an African refugee child who had been abandoned and left in a situation that was deemed unsafe and inappropriate.  The county had placed this child in multiple placements that didn’t work out and believed the child could not be adopted.  The GAL worked hard to connect with this child’s community to find a prospective adoptive parent.  When the various agencies involved could not find a way to collaborate on this possible adoption, the GAL called and hosted a meeting of all the people and agencies involved.  The meeting led to the creation of a transition plan for the child and the adoption proceeded.

  • Change of Custody to Father
    A GAL had been appointed for two pre-teen girls in a marriage dissolution case where there had been some domestic abuse between the parents.  Throughout the case, the GAL grew increasingly concerned about the mother’s mental health.  The mother demonstrated increased paranoia and made multiple allegations against the father.  Eventually, the GAL recommended a change in custody to the father with the mother having supervised parenting time.  The children began to stabilize when they were placed in their father’s care.  The mother continued to struggle with mental health issues and did not keep the supervised visits.  The involvement of the GAL helped bring the case to resolution and provided the court with much-needed information regarding the best interests of the children.

Newspaper Articles

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