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2016 Better Budget for a Better Minnesota Toolkit

  • QUICK LOOK: A quick look at the overall numbers in the supplemental budget proposal [Link]

  • SPREADSHEET: Supplemental budget recommendations, net general fund impact [Link]

  • DETAILED SUMMARIES: Detailed summaries of supplemental budget line items, by agency [Link]

  • FACT SHEET: A Responsible Budget that Works for All Minnesotans [Link]

  • FACT SHEET: A Fiscally Responsible Budget for a Better Minnesota [Link]

  • FACT SHEET: Investing in Kids, Families, and Communities [Link]

  • FACT SHEET: Investing in Early Learning [Link]

  • FACT SHEET: Building an Economy that Works for All Minnesotans [Link]

  • FACT SHEET: Tax Cuts for Over 400,000 Minnesotans [Link]

  • FACT SHEET: Fixing Our Roads, Bridges, and Transit Systems [Link]

  • FACT SHEET: Transportation Investments Listed by County, City [Link]

  • FACT SHEET: Broadband: Connecting to the 21st Century Economy [Link]

  • FACT SHEET: Critical Needs: Mental Health and Public Safety [Link]

  • FACT SHEET: Investing in Infrastructure, Creating 39,900 Jobs [Link]

  • FACT SHEET: Cleaning Up Minnesota’s Water [Link]

  • FACT SHEET: Rail Safety Investments [Link]
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