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The following bills have been signed into law, or returned to the Legislature with a veto:

Legislation for 2014

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ChapterHouse FileSenate FileDescriptionPresentedSignedVetoedFiled w/o Signature
2632736This public safety bill authorizes counties to use GPS to monitor domestic abuse offenders. This passed unanimously in both chambers.5/14/145/16/14--
2622950This human services bill removes obsolete provisions from statute. This bill contains 183 Unsession provisions, and passed unanimously in both chambers.5/14/145/16/14--
2612684This transportation bill updates requirements for graduated driver’s licensing. This passed the House 84-45 and the Senate 50-5.5/14/145/16/14--
260263Chapter 260, HF 263: This public safety bill amends the definition of “crime of violence” in firearm law. This passed unanimously in both chambers.5/14/145/16/14--
2592546This public safety bill clarifies predatory offender registration requirements; and clarifies sentencing for criminal sexual conduct in the third degree. This passed unanimously in both chambers.5/13/145/16/14--
2582622This bill abolishes the privatization of water or wastewater treatment law. This passed the House 101-19 and the Senate 38-24.5/13/145/16/14--
2572090This bill prohibits certain indemnification agreements. This passed unanimously in both chambers.5/13/145/16/14--
2561926This natural resources bill appropriates money for the Outdoor Heritage Fund and includes provisions for acquiring property with money from the Outdoor Heritage Fund. The bill modifies restoration evaluation requirements and updates parks and trails fund appropriations. This passed the House 90-39 and the Senate 49-10. 5/13/145/16/14--
2553072This transportation bill modernizes provisions governing motor vehicles and eliminates antiquated, unnecessary, and obsolete provisions. This bill contains 21 Unsession provisions, including repealing a law that made it illegal to drive a car in neutral. The bill passed unanimously in both chambers.5/13/145/16/14--
2542834This energy bill provides stronger consumer protections for propane customers. It updates several provisions, including low-income rate discounts, electric vehicle charging tariffs, on-bill repayment programs, energy efficiency programs, emissions reduction planning, solar energy systems, and low-income home energy assistance. The bill also repeals certain obsolete administrative rules. This bill contains 25 Unsession provisions and passed the House 82-40 and the Senate 46-12.5/13/145/16/14--

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