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The following bills have been signed into law, or returned to the Legislature with a veto:

Legislation for 2014

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ChapterHouse FileSenate FileDescriptionPresentedSignedVetoedFiled w/o Signature
2931770The Governor has signed Chapter 293, Senate File 1770, with the exception of line item vetoes for Page 1, lines 1.15-1.17. The bill requires all government contracts with a private person to include a notice that the requirements of the Data Practices Act apply, and that the Data Practices Act will apply even when the notice is not included in the contract. The bill excludes health plan companies, managed care organizations, county-based purchasing plan, providers and others from the notice requirement until June 30, 2015. The bill also clarifies in law how the Department of Public Safety must sell driver’s license and motor vehicle records and establishes a bulk rate fee. This passed unanimously in both chambers.5/17/14-5/28/14-
2922255This bill grants the Metropolitan Council additional investment authority and authorizes certain investments by a Minnesota joint powers investment trust. This passed the House 73-57 and the Senate 34-24.5/17/145/21/14--
2912402This bill updates health and human services policy provisions. The bill modifies provisions for children and family services, health services, chemical and mental health services, health-related occupations, the Department of Health, public health, continuing care, public assistance programs, and health care. The bill establishes grounds for disciplinary action for health professionals and regulates the sale and use of e-cigarettes. This bill contains 1 Unsession provision and passed the House 93-35 and the Senate 52-13.5/17/145/21/14--
2902852This natural resources bill updates and eliminates obsolete language. The bill modifies game and fish laws; the use of vehicles for hunting; provisions for taking wild animals; requirements of raffles with a wild game or fish taking event; provisions for wildlife management areas, trespassing, license provisions and fees; and disability-related angling and hunting licenses and special permit provisions. This bill contains 17 Unsession provisions and passed the House 129-1 and the Senate 62-0.5/16/145/21/14--
2892733This natural resources bill modifies all-terrain vehicle and off-highway motorcycle provisions; the landfill cleanup program; provisions related to environmental impact statements, Water Law, forestry and invasive species provisions. The bill prohibits tampering with off-road recreational vehicle odometers. This bill contains 12 Unsession provisions and passed the House 106-24 and the Senate 56-2.5/16/145/21/14--
2882166This bill allows local governments to use electronic rosters to administer elections and sets minimum technology standards electronic rosters must have. The bill also requires an evaluation of electronic rosters during the 2014 General Election. This passed the House 130-0 and the Senate 53-3.5/16/145/21/14--
2872214This transportation bill clarifies contract and project requirements. The bill also modifies U-turn rules; requirements for covered farm vehicles and reporting requirements. This bill contains 11 Unsession provisions and passed the House 111-19 and the Senate 55-6.5/16/145/21/14--
2861863This Unsession bill modifies laws governing certain executive branch advisory groups. This bill contains 28 Unsession provisions and passed the House 103-26 and the Senate 57-1.5/16/145/21/14--
2852446This bill gives the Board of Pharmacy cease and desist authority to prevent the sale of synthetic drugs. The bill also modifies laws governing misbranding drugs, adulterated drugs, and provides that when a person is convicted for selling a controlled substance under false pretense of being legal, they must pay mandatory restitution. This bill passed the House 129-0 and the Senate 55-2.5/16/145/21/14--
284183This bill enhances penalties and procedures for unauthorized access of data by public employees. This passed unanimously in both chambers.5/16/145/21/14--

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