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The following bills have been signed into law, or returned to the Legislature with a veto:

Legislation for 2014

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ChapterHouse FileSenate FileDescriptionPresentedSignedVetoedFiled w/o Signature
3032642This lawful gambling bill modifies games, prizes, and other provisions to regulate charitable gambling. The bill prohibits the director of the state lottery from offering casino-style games and suspends the sale of certain lottery tickets through a Web site or self-service devices. This passed the House 126-2 and the Senate 56-5.5/30/14-5/30/14-
3021226This bill provides enhanced penalties for causing the death of or assaulting a prosecuting attorney or judge. This passed the House 128-1 and the Senate 55-0.5/17/145/21/14--
301155This bill increases the maximum fees permitted to be charged by notaries public. This passed the House 82-47 and the Senate 45-16.5/17/145/21/14--
3002881This bill amends the regulation of motor carriers for railroad employees. This passed the House 77-50 and the Senate 53-10.5/17/145/21/14--
2992798This bill prohibits plants treated with pollinator lethal insecticide from being labeled or advertised as "beneficial" to pollinators. This passed the House 111-17 and the Senate 60-0.5/17/145/21/14--
2982255This public safety bill clarifies the scope of the ignition interlock device program for criminal vehicular operation. This passed the House 72-57 and the Senate 55-0.5/17/145/21/14--
2971981This transportation bill eliminates the sunset of certain snow removal authorities. This passed unanimously in both chambers.5/17/145/21/14--
2961951This retirement bill updates and modifies a variety of provisions related to retirement benefits for state employees. This passed the House 79-52 and the Senate 38-24.5/17/145/21/14--
2951068This bill includes $199 million in direct General Fund appropriations for capital improvements across the state and $80 million for Housing Infrastructure bonds to build affordable housing. This bill passed the House 82-50 and the Senate 44-19. 5/17/145/20/14--
2942490This bill includes $893.054 million of capital improvement projects across the state including: downtown improvements, natural resources and water, public safety and transportation, veterans, and economic development. This bill passed the House 92-40 and the Senate 47-17.5/17/145/20/14--

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