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The following bills have been signed into law, or returned to the Legislature with a veto:

Legislation for 2014

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ChapterHouse FileSenate FileDescriptionPresentedSignedVetoedFiled w/o Signature
2332322This bill allows a person who has brought a civil court action in district court for a violation of the Minnesota Human Rights Act, related to discrimination in employment, housing, credit, education, and other areas, to have a jury trial. This bill passed the House 79-51 and the Senate 55-0.5/9/145/13/14--
2321900This bill is also known as “Steve’s Law,” after Steve Rummler, who died of a heroin overdose in 2011. It allows certain non-health care professionals to administer a medication that can counteract a drug overdose. The bill also provides some immunity from prosecution if an individual seeks emergency medical assistance in the case of a drug overdose. The bill passed unanimously in both chambers.5/8/145/9/14--
2312912This bill allows auto dealers to sell the vehicle at wholesale or retail instead of selling the vehicle by public auction when the auto dealer is a lienholder. The bill passed the House 119-7 and the Senate 66-0.5/8/145/9/14--
2302318This bill allows the South St Paul Public School District, by resolution, to change from election districts to at-large elections for its school board members. The bill passed the House 127-1 and the Senate 58-0.5/8/145/9/14--
2292162This bill allows Hennepin County Housing Redevelopment Authority and watershed districts in Hennepin County to join a regional collaboration reinvestment program. The bill passed the House 75-55 and the Senate 50-17.5/8/145/9/14--
2281340This is a technical bill that clarifies the roles and responsibilities of the Department of Human Services Office of the Inspector General. The bill also establishes a task force under the Commissioner of Health to provide recommendations to integrate foregin-trained physicians into Minnesota’s health care system. The bill passed the House 129-0 and the Senate 54-0. 5/8/145/9/14--
2273084This transportation bill eliminates and modernizes antiquated, unnecessary, redundant and obsolete provisions. This bill contains 87 Unsession provisions. It passed the House 116-13 and the Senate 55-0.5/8/145/9/14--
2261874This natural resources bill appropriates money from environment and natural resources trust funds and modifies provisions for the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources. This bill passed the House 99-29 and the Senate 47-15.5/8/145/9/14--
225663This bill requires commercial recycling to be available at many businesses in the seven-county metro area. The bill passed the House 76-53 and the Senate 37-25.5/7/145/9/14--
2242609This local government bill authorizes four-year terms for the Grand Rapids Public Utilities Commission. The bill passed unanimously in both chambers.5/7/145/9/14--

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