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The following bills have been signed into law, or returned to the Legislature with a veto:

Legislation for 2015

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ChapterHouse FileSenate FileDescriptionPresentedSignedVetoedFiled w/o Signature
32262This state government bill makes technical changes to plat approval law, and the law governing the modification of a cancellation of a contract for deed. The bill also makes conforming changes to state law to mirror federal default real property in certain situations. 5/12/155/14/15--
31417This bill allows members of the county economic development authority in Houston County to serve staggered, three-year terms.5/12/155/14/15--
301191This is the omnibus family law bill.5/11/155/14/15--
291127This state government bill allows banks and credit unions to hold savings promotion raffles, where a participant who deposits money into a savings account has an opportunity to win prizes.5/11/155/14/15--
28462This is the Prenatal Trisomy Diagnosis Awareness Act. This bill requires health care practitioners who perform genetic tests on pregnant women for Patua syndrome, Edwards syndrome, or Downs syndrome, to provide information if the results are positive.5/11/155/14/15--
271770This state government bill allows counties to pursue debts owed by nonresidents in conciliation court.5/11/155/14/15--
261438This state government bill authorizes the chief administrative law judge to contract with a retired workers’ compensation judge, when regularly appointed judges are not available.5/11/155/14/15--
251406This state government bill authorizes sales of state lands that require legislative approval. 5/11/155/14/15--
24283This state government bill designates Camp Ripley and nearby land as sentinel landscape.5/7/155/11/15--
231120This state government bill creates enhanced protections for employees of Minnesota Security Hospital who care for people committed by the court as mentally ill and dangerous.5/7/155/11/15--

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