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Statement of Governor Mark Dayton regarding charges filed today by the US Attorney against a former Department of Revenue employee

January 07, 2011

Today Governor Mark Dayton offered the following statement about charges filed by the US Attorney against a former Department of Revenue employee.

"I have learned from the U.S. Attorney that a former employee of the Minnesota Department of Revenue has been charged with allegedly stealing $1.9 million in taxpayer money by fraudulently processing tax false refunds.  If true, this serious charge constitutes a breach of the public trust, and is completely unacceptable.

In addition to the state investigations and the criminal action taken today by the US Attorney, I am requesting the Legislative Auditor undertake a detailed examination of the Department’s internal controls to ensure that this kind of criminal fraud against the State of Minnesota cannot be committed again.  I am mindful of the warnings the Legislative Auditor has issued previously that the management of certain state agencies lacks the necessary oversight and controls to prevent the misuse of public money.  The people of Minnesota deserve accountability and vigorous oversight of our taxpayer dollars."
Attached is Gov. Dayton's letter to the Legislative Auditor (PDF file).