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Governor Dayton signs Chapters 72, 73, and Chapters 75 through 81

May 20, 2013

Today, Governor Mark Dayton signed nine bills into law:

  • Chapter 72, Senate File 1307: Relating to human rights; changing provisions for certain certificates of compliance;
  • Chapter 73, House File 740: Relating to state lands; modifying landowners' bill of rights; modifying land acquisition account; providing for school forests; adding to and deleting from state parks and forests; authorizing certain exchanges and sales of state lands; conveyance of certain tax-forfeited lands;
  • Chapter 75, House File 461: Relating to natural resources; requiring general permit for mechanical control of certain cattails;
  • Chapter 76, House File 580: Relating to state government; regulating data protection for victims of violence;
  • Chapter 77, House File 1069: Relating to state government; ratifying labor agreements and compensation plans;
  • Chapter 78, House File 1138: Relating to the military; updating the Minnesota Code of Military Justice; providing clarifying language;
  • Chapter 79, Senate File 1006: Relating to lawful gambling; modifying account, record keeping, and other regulatory provisions;
  • Chapter 80, Senate File 346: Relating to crime; providing for forfeiture of money used or intended for use to facilitate a prostitution or sex trafficking offense; appropriating money; and
  • Chapter 81, Senate File 654: Relating to human services; modifying provisions related to health care and medical assistance.