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Governor Dayton signs multiple bills

May 13, 2013

Today, Governor Mark Dayton signed eight bills into law:

  • Chapter 53, Senate File 748: Relating to commerce; regulating preneed funeral insurance;
  • Chapter 55, House File 195: Relating to health; allowing a licensed dietitian or licensed nutritionist to adhere to a practice guideline or protocol for a legend drug prescribed by a physician;
  • Chapter 56, House File 1120: Relating to state government; requiring service on all parties for judicial review of contested case;
  • Chapter 57, Senate File 521: Relating to energy; regulating a biomass mandate project and a proposed high-voltage transmission line;
  • Chapter 58, House File 458: Relating to public health; banning formaldehyde in certain children's products;
  • Chapter 59, House File 969: Relating to human services; modifying provisions related to chemical and mental health and state-operated services; allowing for data sharing; repealing a task force; updating terminology and repealing obsolete provisions; making technical changes;
  • Chapter 60, House File 131: Relating to commerce; requiring estate sale conductors to post a bond to protect owners of the property to be sold; and
  • Chapter 61, Senate File 523: Relating to employment; limiting reliance on criminal history for employment purposes; providing for remedies.

Additionally, Governor Dayton filed the attached letter in response to Chapter 52, House File 791.