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Lt. Governor Prettner Solon leads health care delegation to Berlin

June 15, 2012
Saint Paul - Lt. Governor Yvonne Prettner Solon will lead a delegation of health care policy experts from Minnesota and Washington, DC, to Berlin June 17-23, for a week-long seminar that examines health care policy and compares the US and German health care systems.  

The “German and American Health Care” forum provides an opportunity for US and German health care experts and policy makers to exchange ideas and gain important insights on providing better care, reducing cost, and improving overall population health. 

“Minnesota is proud of its leadership in healthcare here in the United States,” Lt. Governor Prettner Solon said.  “This forum provides us an opportunity to share our successes, while at the same time learning from our German friends about their cost-effective health care delivery system and their superiority in achieving positive health outcomes.  The exchange engages policy experts and health leaders in a dynamic discussion venue to share ideas that will help shape the future of health care reform in Minnesota and in Germany.” 

The forum is organized by the University of Minnesota’s Center for German and European Studies in cooperation with Germany’s Federal Ministry of Economics, Germany’s Federal Ministry of Health, and the German Academic Exchange Service. Funding is provided through a special German grant that fosters transatlantic exchange and commemorates George Marshall.  The next seminar is scheduled for November 14-16 in the Twin Cities.

The 18-member delegation consists of elected and government officials, academics, providers and consultants who are actively involved in health care reform efforts at the state and federal levels, including: 

Yvonne Prettner Solon, Minn. Lt. Governor
Lauren Gilchrist, special adviser to Minn. Gov. Dayton on health reform
Scott Leitz, Minnesota Human Services Assistant Commissioner for health care administration
Tony Lourey, Minnesota State Senator 
Joe Atkins, Minnesota State Representative
Erin Murphy, Minnesota State Representative
Julie Brunner, Executive Director of Minnesota Council of Health Plans
Frank Cerra, M.D., medical school, University of Minnesota
Jim Chase, President, Minn. Community Measurement
Kevin Goodno, Government Relations Chair, Frederikson & Byron 
Fred Morrison, law school, University of Minnesota
Connie Perpich, CGES advisory board and Planned Parenthood-Minn., No. Dak., So. Dak.
Stephen Schondelmeyer, U of M Prime Institute
Patricia Simmons, M.D., Mayo Clinic; University of Minnesota Regent
Brenda Sheingold, School of Nursing, George Washington University
Steven Sheingold, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services