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Governor Dayton acts on bills

April 23, 2012

Today, Governor Mark Dayton signed 26 bills into law, including:

  • Chapter 204, House File 795, directing the Department of Human Services to create a new reciprocal child support enforcement agreement with Bermuda. This bill passed with unanimous support.

  • Chapter 205, House File 1850, increasing the limit of the award for the state employee gainsharing program.

  • Chapter 206, House File 2506 changing the school district staff development revenue allocation structure in current law, and also requiring school districts to provide onetime CPR instruction as a part of their 7-12 grade curriculum beginning in the 2014-15 school year. 

  • Chapter 207, Senate File 1073, strongly encourages school districts to assist students to develop transition plans into postsecondary education or career.  The bill also strongly encourages school districts to have an adequate student-to-counselor ration beginning in the 2015-16 school year. 

  • Chapter 208, Senate File 2379, removing a limitation on voter list data received by courts for jury selection.  This bill passed with unanimous support.

  • Chapter 209, House File 2174, authorizing district money deposit investments and providing designated depositories.  This bill passed with unanimous support.

  • Chapter 210, House File 2373, extending an existing five-year felony penalty to include a crime committed with intent to retaliate against a sheriff, deputy sheriff or county recorder because of that person’s duties in connection with a  sheriff’s sale or filing of liens regarding real property.

  • Chapter 211, House File 2160, a Department of Public Safety Agency Bill, permitting law enforcement officers to take fingerprints from offenders arrested for any offense if the fingerprints are needed to resolve a file that is in suspense.

  • Chapter 212, Senate File 1678, modifying provisions for public defenders.  This bill passed with unanimous support.

  • Chapter 215, House File 1236, establishing new limitations on pharmacy auditing practices conducted by a pharmacy benefits manager.

  • Chapter 216, Senate File 1675, a Department of Human Services policy bill, related to children and family services policy, adoption reform, child support, child care, child safety and MFIP provisions modifications.

  • Chapter 217, Senate File 248, enacting the compromise agreement on the construction of new radiation oncology facilities.

  • Chapter 218, House File 738, modifying harassment restraining order provisions, and also requiring the Department of Corrections to post a notice on the DOC website 30 days before a hearing where the Commissioner is considering the release of an offender who committed the murder of a peace officer or corrections officer.  This bill passed with unanimous support.

  • Chapter 219, House File 1175, requiring a new deputy registrar’s office be opened in the Elko New Market Library in Scott County.

  • Chapter 220, House File 1813, requiring the Commissioner of Administration to make available by September 1, 2012, a list of eligible contractors that can assist agencies to reorganize in specified ways. 

  • Chapter 222, House File 2246, a Department of Public Safety agency bill correcting a legislative oversight that results from the 2007 reorganization of the criminal vehicular operation statute.  This bill passed with unanimous support.

  • Chapter 223, House File 469, making changes to the harassment restraining order law, providing that an application for a restraining order may be filed in the county of residence of either party, or in the county where the alleged harassment occurred.  This bill passed with unanimous support.

  • Chapter 224, House File 2614, repealing the mandatory retirement age for Administrative Law Judges.  This bill passed with unanimous support.

  • Chapter 225, House File 2335, making miscellaneous changes to debt collector laws.

  • Chapter 226, House File 2861, allowing municipal grants for EMS services agencies.

  • Chapter 227, House File 2149, expanding the definition of qualified domestic-violence related offense to include the crime of female genital mutilation committed against a family member.  This bill passed with unanimous support.

  • Chapter 228, House File 2276, clarifying accreditation requirements for advanced diagnostic imaging services providers.  This bill passed with unanimous support.

  • Chapter 229, Senate File 2464, correcting a minor error in the calculation of presumptive sentences on the Sex Offender Grid.  This bill passed with unanimous support.

  • Chapter 230, Senate File 2316, related to the Veterans Preference Law Reform Agency Initiative.  This bill passed with unanimous support.

  • Chapter 231, Senate File 2354, related to a veterans preference in appointments to classified service in state government.  This bill passed with unanimous support.

  • Chapter 232, Senate File 2112, the annual claims bill for the Department of Corrections.  

Governor Dayton also vetoed two bills today: Chapter 213, Senate File 247 requiring local government employers to approve participation in or withdrawal from the Public Employees’ Insurance Program and Chapter 214, House File 1812, authorizing the Department of Administration to contract for waste hauling without first determining whether there are state employees able and available to do the work.  Please see copies of the two veto messages attached.

CH 213 SF 247

CH 214 HF 1812