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Governor Dayton acts on bills

April 20, 2012

Today, Governor Mark Dayton signed eight bills into law:

  • Chapter 196, Senate File 2181, related to Renewable Development Fund expenditures.

  • Chapter 197, Senate File 753, making technical changes to the licensure and training requirements for licensed social workers in Minnesota. 

  • Chapter 198, Senate File 1416, providing a process for legally unaffixing a manufactured home from real property.  This bill passed with unanimous support.

  • Chapter 199, House File 2132, related to the jurisdiction and authority of the Washington and Anoka Counties Housing and Redevelopment Authorities.

  • Chapter 200, Senate File 1123, expanding the list of offenses that constitute “gang activity” to include unlawful possession of a firearm by a minor.

  • Chapter 201, Senate File 2224, a DEED agency bill, making federal conformity changes and technical and housekeeping updates to unemployment insurance.

  • Chapter 202, Senate File 2271, authorizing the Commander-in-Chief of the Minnesota National Guard to issue suitable marks of distinction to nonmembers of the military forces of the State for distinguished service or support to the military forces of the State.  This bill passed with unanimous support.

  • Chapter 203, Senate File 396, related to the classification of agricultural property. 

Governor Dayton also vetoed two bills.  Chapter 190, House File 1766, related to the deduction of union dues from Child Care Assistance Program payments and Chapter 191, Senate File 2183, which would prohibit the Commissioner of Education from enforcing unadopted rules.  Copies of both veto messages are attached.

CH 190, HF 1766 Attach.
CH 191, SF 2183 Attach.