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Governor Dayton acts on bills

April 05, 2012

Today, Governor Mark Dayton signed seven bills into law:

  • Chapter 156, SF 1981, providing for uniform procedures for police civilian review authorities. 

  • Chapter 160, HF 1998 modifying the definition of "health plan" to clarify its application to insurance companies not selling health insurance products.

  • Chapter 161, HF 2316 which makes changes to concrete slurry disposal regulations.

  • Chapter 162, SF 1934 revising township mutual insurance law.

  • Chapter 163, SF 2273 expands eligibility for buyers to purchase junked vehicles. This bill passed with unanimous support.

  • Chapter 164, HF 2237 repealing 2011 session law related to MDH community benefit reporting requirements and making certain modifications to the MDH Provider Peer Grouping program. This bill passed with unanimous support.

  • Chapter 165, HF 1992 prohibiting motor carrier contract indemnity provisions. This bill passed with unanimous support.

The Governor also vetoed Chapter 158, HF 2404 which would have changed the appointments for Met Council members to staggered terms. A copy of the Governor's veto message is attached.