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Minnesota Business First Stop will help get Minnesota back to work

January 18, 2012

Saint Paul – As the Administration looks to the next steps in job creation, Governor Dayton has established the Minnesota Business First Stop. This innovative, multi-agency workgroup will make it easier to do business in Minnesota, by connecting businesses with the resources they need in various state agencies.

The Minnesota Business First Stop, which is facilitated by the Department of Employment and Economic Development, brings together Commissioners from the Department of Agriculture, Commerce, Transportation, DNR, IRRRB, MPCA and DEED - all working toward a united goal of promoting business growth in Minnesota. 

About this initiative, Governor Dayton said, “With the Minnesota Business First Stop, any business looking to locate or expand in MN will have one place to call to get the assistance they need.  We are looking for every way to cut red tape in government and to make it easier to do business in Minnesota.  The Minnesota Business First Stop will accomplish that.”

The Minnesota Business First Stop provides coordinated leadership and resources to develop, site or expand technology, renewable energy or clean technology businesses in the state. By aligning these efforts under this initiative, businesses are connected to a network of assistance ensuring a more efficient delivery of state resources.

To advance this effort, Kari Howe from the Department of Energy and Economic Development will be the Executive Director for the Minnesota Business First Stop.  Current areas of focus for the Minnesota Business First Stop are forestry, energy and green enterprise assistance, manufacturing, mining, agri-businesses, and special projects.

Minnesota Business First Stop is a part of Governor Dayton’s Jobs Plan to get Minnesota working again.  Last week, Governor Dayton announced a proposal for a New Jobs Tax Credit, and yesterday, he announced details of a $775 million bonding bill, which together would create over 30,000 jobs.

For more information on Minnesota Business First Stop, please visit the Department of Employment and Economic Development website.