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New Service to Help Seniors Navigate State Government, Connect with Volunteer and Employment Opportunities

September 01, 2011
Expanded Senior LinkAge Line will be a one stop shop for Minnesota seniors and their families
St. Paul — Furthering the Dayton administration’s commitment to transparency and accessibility, Lt. Governor Yvonne Prettner Solon today announced the creation of the Senior LinkAge Line®: A One Stop Shop for Minnesota Seniors. The service will build on a legacy of providing Minnesota seniors with health care related information to include all government services, as well as to connect seniors with volunteering and employment opportunities in their communities.
Prettner Solon demonstrated the service during Seniors Day today at the Minnesota State Fair at the Minnesota Board on Aging/ Senior LinkAge Line®: A One Stop Shop for Minnesota Seniors booth in the Education Building. 
“Throughout the campaign, Governor Dayton and I heard a need from seniors and their families for a better way to navigate government and have their questions answered,” Prettner Solon said, “With this service; we are making the Senior LinkAge line a true one stop shop. Minnesota’s seniors are a critical resource to our state. They are concerned and engaged citizens, volunteers, grandparents, and an important part of our work force. It is essential that the right supports are in place to guarantee that Minnesota will continue to be a great place to age and live well.”
This expansion is a significant change for the line, which previously handled primarily health insurance and long-term care services related questions. Now when Minnesota seniors call the Senior LinkAge Line®: A One Stop Shop for Minnesota Seniors, they will be connected to a live person who will help them with any government service related questions. Line operators will utilize a specialized chat system, connecting them to representatives from all state departments and providing instant access to answers for callers.
In the near future, the line will also connect seniors to volunteer and employment opportunities that tap the talents of older Minnesotans.
Senior LinkAge Line®: A One Stop Shop for Minnesota Seniors Line is a toll-free number (1-800-333-2433) and service that covers all 87 Minnesota counties. The service can also be accessed via a chat line at It is operated by the Minnesota Board on Aging.