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Governor Dayton Signs Twenty Three Bills into Law

May 16, 2014

Today, Governor Mark Dayton signed twenty three bills into law.

  • Chapter 247, SF 1722: This bill adds art therapist, music therapist, and audiologist to the list of positions defined as teachers. This passed the House 76-53 and the Senate 49-13. 
  • Chapter 252, HF3241: This bill provides for the settlement of certain claims against the state. The bill authorizes certain payments by the Department of Corrections and the Department of Transportation. This passed the House 83-42 and the Senate 54-0. 
  • Chapter 253, HF1984: This bill enhances accountability and transparency in public construction projects by creating a definition for a responsible contractor. This bill passed the House 84-38 and the Senate 59-0. 
  • Chapter 256, HF 1926: This natural resources bill appropriates money for the Outdoor Heritage Fund and includes provisions for acquiring property with money from the Outdoor Heritage Fund. The bill modifies restoration evaluation requirements and updates parks and trails fund appropriations. This passed the House 90-39 and the Senate 49-10 
  • Chapter 257, HF 2090: This bill prohibits certain indemnification agreements. This passed unanimously in both chambers. 
  • Chapter 258, HF 2622: This bill abolishes the privatization of water or wastewater treatment law. This passed the House 101-19 and the Senate 38-24.
  • Chapter 259, SF 2546: This public safety bill clarifies predatory offender registration requirements; and clarifies sentencing for criminal sexual conduct in the third degree. This passed unanimously in both chambers.
  • Chapter 260, HF 263: This public safety bill amends the definition of “crime of violence” in firearm law. This passed unanimously in both chambers. 
  • Chapter 261, HF 2684: This transportation bill updates requirements for graduated driver’s licensing. This passed the House 84-45 and the Senate 50-5. 
  • Chapter 263, SF 2736: This public safety bill authorizes counties to use GPS to monitor domestic abuse offenders. This passed unanimously in both chambers. 
  • Chapter 264, SF 2390: This bill makes technical and minor policy changes to statute election administration, voting, voter registration, absentee ballots, and regular ballots. The bill also requires the Secretary of State to do an annual security assessment of the online voter registration and absentee ballot application systems. This passed the House 130-0 and the Senate 49-7.
  • Chapter 265, SF 2782: This campaign finance bill increases contribution limits for local campaigns and requires local campaign reports to be available online. This passed the House 121-10 and the Senate 49-2. 
  • Chapter 266, HF 2188: This bill removes gendered language from deeds and mortgages. The bill also clarifies transfer on death deeds. This passed unanimously in both chambers.
  • Chapter 267, HF 2812: This bill designates the month of October as Veterans' Voices Month in the State of Minnesota. This passed unanimously in both chambers. 
  • Chapter 269, HF 2925: This public safety bill appropriates money to compensate wrongfully imprisoned individuals who have been exonerated. This passed the House 126-3 and the Senate 60-0. 
  • Chapter 270, HF 1851: This public safety bill enhances the penalties for repeat criminal sexual conduct offenders. This passed unanimously in both chambers. 
  • Chapter 275, HF 2546: This is the Revisor’s bill. The bill corrects erroneous, ambiguous, and obsolete references.  The bill also removes redundant, conflicting, and superseded provisions and makes corrections to laws, statutes, and rules. The bill passed unanimously in both chambers. 
  • Chapter 276, SF 2268: This metropolitan transit bill expands the scope of jurisdiction of the Transportation Accessibility Advisory Committee. This passed the House 83-46 and the Senate 62-0. 
  • Chapter 277, SF 2192: This environment bill prohibits and regulates some lead and mercury products such as thermometers and wheel weights. The bill modifies a ban on formaldehyde in children's products and prohibits some cleaning products like hand soap and body wash containing triclosan after January 1, 2017. This passed the House 110-19 and the Senate 58-0. 
  • Chapter 278, SF 2466: This public safety bill requires law enforcement to have a tracking warrant to receive electronic device location information. This passed the House 130-0 and the Senate 63-1. 
  • Chapter 279, HF 2180: This bill requires competitive bidding for health coverage for school district employees. This passed the House 78-50 and the Senate 40-27. 
  • Chapter 280, HF 2092: This bill authorizes a special license plate for retired firefighters and a special motorcycle plate for veterans wounded in combat. This passed the House 129-0 and the Senate 63-3. 
  • Chapter 281, SF 2887: This transportation bill eliminates barriers for state agencies to purchase of electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. This passed the House 119-10 and the Senate 58-0.