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Statement from Governor Mark Dayton on the Passing of Joan Mondale

February 03, 2014

ST. PAUL, MN – Governor Mark Dayton released the following statement on the news that Joan Mondale has passed away.

“In an era when most political wives remained in the background, Joan Mondale stood right by her husband’s side. Together, she and Vice President Mondale forged a path, which took them from the State Capitol, where he served as Attorney General; to the United States Capitol, where he was a U.S. Senator; to the White House, as Vice President; and to Tokyo, as U.S. Ambassador to Japan.

“During those years, Joan Mondale made her own mark on life in our state and our country. An accomplished potter, she was a champion for the arts, both in Minnesota and in Washington. In 1972, she wrote a book 'Politics in Art', which examined how political commentary is reflected in art.

“As Second Lady, she made the Vice President’s home into a showcase of American art. She also served as chairperson of the Federal Council on the Arts and Humanities. Back home, she served on the Boards of the Walker Art Center, Macalester College, and the National Portrait Gallery.

“She also found time to raise three children, who became very accomplished adults. I extend my deepest condolences to the Vice President and her sons for their loss.”