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Governor Dayton signs Executive Orders 11-08, 11-09, 11-10

April 04, 2011

St. Paul, MN – Governor Mark Dayton today signed Executive Order 11-08, extending 20 Executive Orders issued by prior administrations, dating back to Governor Perpich.  The orders are on a variety of subjects, ranging from the employment of veterans to the creation of an Upper Mississippi River Basin Association.
Governor Dayton also today signed Executive Order 11-09, rescinding Order 99-17 and designating the Commissioners of Natural Resources and Pollution Control Agency as Co-Trustees for Natural Resources.  The new order simply makes technical changes to the previous order.
The Governor also signed Executive Order 11-10, rescinding Order 04-03 relating to the assignment of duties to the Department of Natural Resources under the Land and Water Conservation Act of 1965.  Again, the revised order simply makes technical changes to the previous order.  
By statute, all executive orders expire 90 days after the date that the governor who issued them vacates office.  Many of the orders that expired today have since been codified into law, or work has been completed.
Several previous orders, including orders related to energy, natural resources, and law enforcement will be updated to reflect both current realities and administration priorities.  These existing orders were not extended, and revised orders will be issued by the Governor this week.
For a complete listing of Governor Dayton’s Executive Orders, including the seven orders signed by the Governor prior to today, please visit