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      Department of Human Services Introduces Simplified SNAP Application

      Posted on May 03, 2013 at 12:53 PM

      The Minnesota Department of Human Services has a new, simpler application for seniors who qualify for SNAP

      No one should ever have to choose to go hungry, but it is a sad reality for so many across the country and across the state. Fortunately, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistant Program or SNAP exists; providing access to food for countless economically disadvantaged Minnesotans. 

      Championed by Lt. Gov. Prettner Solon through her Nutritious Food Coalition, and MDHS Commissioner Jesson, SNAP now has a simplified form for seniors aged 60 and up. 

      In 2012, 500,000 seniors were utilizing the program, which accounted for only 50.5 per cent of those eligible. The new one-page form streamlines the process and comes with comprehensive instructions and resource information. The old form and process was formidable and arduous, an unfortunate reality when having adequate and proper nutrition is so vital in many ways for seniors. 

      High participation in the program among seniors would not only relieve many from making some tough financial decisions, it would also improve the overall health of the aging population.

      Adequate nutrition alone is essential for health and can improve energy, but when coupled with medication, it can also play a major role in the medicine’s effectiveness. 

      The MDHS is working with counties, community groups and outreach organizations, including the Nutritious Food Coalition, to get the word out about the new application. Endorsed by Minnesota AARP State Director Michele Kimball, the new simplified SNAP Application for Seniors will hopefully encourage more to apply and improve the lives of the most deserving among us. Seniors interested in applying for SNAP should contact their county social service agency.