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      Mayor Tabke's Story: Why Transit Matters

      Posted on March 04, 2013 at 11:17 AM

      Shakopee Mayor TabkeGovernor Dayton understands that in order to achieve a world-class economy, we must prioritize investments in our metro area transit system.

      That is why the governor’s budget includes a commitment to a multi-modal transit system that will give Minnesota a competitive edge for growing business and jobs, drawing new talent, and serving the transit needs of a growing and aging population. In support of Governor Dayton’s increased transit funding is Shakopee Mayor Brad Tabke.

      Governor Dayton:

      I write to express the support of the Shakopee City Council for your proposal to increase the sales tax for transit purposes by 1/4 cent in the seven-county Metropolitan Area. On Tuesday, February 19, the City Council and I voted to support this proposal. We share your belief that the development of a complete and competitive transit system in the Region is key to its long-term economic competitiveness and vitality. The development of a complete and multi-modal transit system in the Twin Cities Region will also be of great benefit to the Region’s workers and residents. The $200 million per year your proposal is expected to generate is essential to completing important rail, LRT, and BRT projects in the Region, as well as assuring that areas like Scott County can continue to expand local and express bus service that will help to best utilize the investments in regional roadways. In Shakopee, we have been committed to the beneficial expansion of transit options that serve our residents and businesses. Most recently, this has been expressed in the partnership between the cities of Shakopee and Prior Lake, and Scott County. This partnership led to the creation of the BlueXpress in July of 2007, a commuter service which has continued to experience among the greatest rates of growth of any regional bus service provider (9% increase in 2012). We look forward to working with you, your office, and the Legislature on the implementation of this important proposal.

      Brad Tabke Mayor, City of Shakopee

      Investing in a 21st Century Transit System

      In his budget proposal, Governor Dayton has proposed an $850 million investment over four years to support a 21st Century transit system in Minnesota. The plan, which was recently praised by the Star Tribune editorial board as a “new plan for growth,” would fund the remaining state costs for the Southwest light rail line, expand transit in other communities, and expand bus service throughout the Metro area.

      These new investments would reduce traffic congestion, strengthen our economy, and improve our quality of life. Metro-area chambers of commerce, county commissioners, a broad coalition of mayors, and 79 percent of Minnesotans agree with the governor’s plan to invest in an expanded and improved transit system.