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      Building a Better Minnesota: Improving Mental Health Services

      Posted on February 18, 2013 at 8:00 AM

      Children’s Mental Health Services 

      In order to help all our children achieve success in school and life, Minnesota must provide additional funding to improve access to mental health support and counseling for Minnesota kids. The Governor’s budget invests $7.4 million to expand school-linked mental health grants, doubling the number of Minnesota schools that can offer essential mental health services to students while they are at school. An estimated 13,900 students would gain access to these mental health services annually by 2017.

      Having a child that requires mental health services can be difficult on their families. It is necessary to provide support for these students and families at home. The Governor’s budget would provide funds for an initiative to teach parents and siblings skills that will help them support a child’s mental health treatment at home, in addition to counseling.

      A growing number of Minnesota kids have been diagnosed with Autism in the past few years. The Governor’s budget would expand access to quality treatment and services to help kids with Autism improve their communication skills and increase social interaction at a critical time in their development. About 440 kids would gain access to these treatments and services by 2014 and 880 kids would gain coverage each year starting in 2015.

      Adult Mental Health Services

      The Governor’s budget makes needed investments in improving access to quality, affordable mental health services for Minnesotans of all ages, including adults with mental illness.
      Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in Minnesota. Governor Dayton’s budget provides $2 million for four new mobile crisis response teams to help those experiencing a mental health crisis access the care they need and cope with the crisis in their homes.

      It is important to provide better, more appropriate care for individuals who have mental illness and require complex treatment needs. The Governor’s proposal would provide better care and support for individuals transitioning from psychiatric treatment into primary care or independent living situations.
      In 2011, 14,200 Minnesotans received Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS), which helps adults with serious mental illness develop the skills they need to safely and successfully live at home. The Governor’s budget increases payment rates for ARMHS, expands the range of services offered, and reimburses doctors for necessary services.

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