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      Building a Better Minnesota Starts with Investing in our Kids

      Posted on February 05, 2013 at 11:06 AM

      Investing in our kids

      Building a better Minnesota starts with our kids. That is why Governor Dayton’s budget invests $139 million in proven programs that will help Minnesota’s children thrive today and in the future.

      Minnesota can help our youngest children thrive by investing in better early education to help narrow the state’s troubling achievement gap, and prepare children for success in school. In Governor Dayton's budget proposal, Early Childhood Education scholarships will help an additional 11,000 Minnesota children from low-income families afford high quality childcare and preschool. The proposed budget also allows for investments in optional All Day Kindergarten, providing access for 85% of Minnesota families—or nearly 54,000 children.

      In addition to providing quality early childhood education, it is important to support strong and healthy Minnesota families. Governor Dayton’s budget provides for increased rental assistance to low-income families, ensuring children don’t have to endure a potentially disruptive move during the school year. The Governor’s budget also increases funding for high quality childcare for children with special needs, and streamlines the adoption process to ensure it best serves the interests of Minnesota children.

      Governor Dayton is focused on ensuring the health and safety of Minnesota children both at home and in school. By increasing funding for mental health services for students, Minnesota can double the percentage of schools providing these important services. Finally, the Governor’s budget helps reduce child abuse by investing and expanding proven outreach strategies for high-risk families.

      Governor Dayton is committed to building a better Minnesota for our kids, both at home and at school. His budget invests in programs to promote learning, close the achievement gap, and ensure that kids are safe at home and at school. Governor Dayton’s budget closes our budget deficit and increases spending on Minnesota families, making key investments that will improve the lives of all Minnesotans.

      For more information about Governor Dayton’s budget, visit or follow the conversation on Twitter at #BetterMN