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      Governor Dayton: Working for Minnesota Jobs in Worthington

      Posted on October 15, 2012 at 11:11 AM


      Governor Dayton tours the Biotechnology Advancement Center

      Governor Mark Dayton visited Worthington’s Biotechnology Advancement Center last Friday to assess opportunities and challenges to Minnesota’s agriculture sector as he continued Working for Minnesota Jobs.

      While visiting the center, Governor Dayton and Agriculture Commissioner Dave Frederickson held a roundtable talk with industry leaders, farmers, and business owners to discuss how to grow jobs in Minnesota’s farm and food sector, and to encourage continued innovation in the state’s agriculture technology industry. Following the roundtable discussion, Governor Dayton and Commissioner Frederickson took some time out of their busy schedules to tour the Center and Newport Laboratories.

      After manufacturing, Minnesota’s farm and food sector is the second largest segment of the state’s economy providing more than 340,000 jobs and $75 billion in annual economic activity. More than 80 percent of those jobs are off-farm jobs in categories like transportation, finance, manufacturing, and retail.

      Agriculture is in the midst of a high-tech revolution. Entrepreneurial companies in Minnesota are developing some of the technologies at the center of this revolution. Innovations that emerge from this sector have a high export growth potential and a large impact on Minnesota’s economy. The agriculture and food production technology industry contributes over 4,800 direct jobs in Minnesota, totaling $250 million in wages.

      Worthington is Governor Dayton’s latest stop on the Working for Minnesota Jobs tour, which has taken him to meet with leaders in agriculture technology, mining, and bioscience across the state.