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      Minnesota Poised to be One of the Best Places to Live

      Posted on August 10, 2012 at 8:00 AM

      Minnesota, already an outstanding place to live, is rated the second best state in which to live in the future, according to rankings released by Gallup this week. Minnesota ranks first among all states in economic confidence, and it is the state where it is easiest to find a safe place to exercise, according to the survey. Minnesota is second only to Utah overall.


      The Gallup poll measured 13 different metrics, including such concrete data as obesity and full-time employment rates; it also surveyed residents for their opinions – for example, on whether the area in which you live is “getting better” or “getting worse,” or whether you feel that your employer treats you more like a partner or an employee. Minnesota achieved an average rank of 10.5 among all states across all 13 measurements.

      This ranking is a reflection of the commitment of Minnesotans to make this state a great place to live. Minnesota is a proven leader in innovation, job creation, and economic vitality; furthermore, our commitment to health is unparalleled. From health care access and clean water regulation to our devotion to leading healthy, active lifestyles – as well as maintaining the spaces, urban and rural, that encourage and foster healthy lifestyles – this makes Minnesota one of the best places to live, in the United States and beyond.

      Most importantly, this ranking indicates that Minnesota will remain a great place to live into the future.

      Other criteria used in the Gallup rankings include perceived standard of living, job creation, safe drinking water access, smoking rates, frequency of dental visits, and the frequency with which residents learn new things. The complete report, with a complete list of criteria, can be found here.