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      Minnesota veterans and soldiers: claim your refundable tax credit before it expires in October

      Posted on August 01, 2012 at 12:50 PM

      If you are a soldier or veteran from Minnesota who served in a combat zone or hazardous duty area during 2008, you are eligible for a refundable tax credit that could be worth hundreds of dollars. Unfortunately, that tax credit expires on October 15, 2012, and thousands of soldiers and veterans who qualify have not yet taken advantage of this benefit.

      As part of a tax credit that was enacted in 2006, the Minnesota Department of Revenue is paying $59 per month served in a combat zone or hazardous duty area during 2008 (the credit extends beyond 2008, but the credit that applies to 2008 is the part that will expire in October). To be eligible, individuals must have served in a combat zone or hazardous duty area at some point in 2008, and Minnesota must have been his or her home state at the time.

      Minnesota Department of Revenue Commissioner Myron Frans is urging all eligible Minnesota veterans to claim this tax credit, as well as for anyone who knows an eligible veteran to pass this information along to him or her. The Department of Revenue has been working to promote information about the tax credit, including promoting it at the recent “Heroes Day” celebration in Minneapolis, but Commissioner Frans says they can use your help in ensuring as many veterans as possible receive this tax benefit as a thank-you from the state of Minnesota to those who have served overseas.

      For more information, you can call (651) 556-4710 or e-mail The application is form M-99, Credit for Military Service in a Combat Zone. Information on the credit, as well as the M-99, is available at the Department of Revenue website. Forms must be postmarked by October 15 to receive the tax credit.

      More information can also be found on the KSTP website's "Links" page.