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      Commissioner Frederickson celebrates agriculture in Minnesota by continuing a lifetime of service

      Posted on March 06, 2012 at 3:26 PM


      This week marks the 39th annual National Agriculture Week, which raises national awareness about the crucial role agriculture plays in providing people with the nutrition essential for everyday life. In the State of Minnesota, agriculture accounts for more than $15.1 billion in farm income and more than $5 billion in agriculture exports annually. Agriculture is essential to the state’s health and economy, which is why Governor Mark Dayton recently declared the week of March 4-10 as Minnesota Agriculture Week.

      In honor of Natural Agriculture Week, we wanted to highlight the work of Commissioner Dave Frederickson, who is dedicated to advocating for Minnesota’s farmers. Commissioner Frederickson knows rural issues well; he grew up in a farm family and operated his own farm for over 20 years near Murdock, Minnesota. He served one of Minnesota’s most agrarian districts in the State Senate, where he advocated for agriculture, education, and rural development. Commissioner Frederickson continued to serve our state farmers by working as president of the Minnesota Farmers Union and as an agricultural outreach director for US Senator Amy Klobuchar. Being appointed Commissioner of Agriculture by Governor Mark Dayton was just the next step in a lifetime of service on behalf of farmers across Minnesota and throughout our nation.

      Commissioner Frederickson’s dedication is motivated by the belief that agriculture is a cornerstone of life in Minnesota. “Minnesota’s farmers and ranchers make such a positive impact on the world around them,” he says. “These men and women work hard each day to grow wholesome and healthy food and produce fuel for our vehicles. All this is done with an emphasis on environmental stewardship and a concern for the generations to come.”

      As Commissioner Frederickson knows, agriculture is the backbone of Minnesota. The state is comprised of over 81,000 farms that cover 26.9 million acres of farm land, more than half of the state’s total land area. Minnesota’s farm families are stewards of the land, contributing to the health, beauty, productivity, and quality of our state’s natural resources for the benefit of all Minnesotans. Agriculture Commissioner Frederickson is committed to enhancing all Minnesotans’ quality of life by strengthening our agriculture economy and ensuring that future generations will continue to enjoy the bounty that our treasured farmland and industrious farmers provide.