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      Celebrating Black History Month

      Posted on February 01, 2012 at 9:57 AM

      In 1926 Dr. Carter G. Woodson, a Harvard Scholar, established the observance of African American History with the view to reveal the contributions, achievements, and involvements of African American people in the development of our American Democracy. Today, as we head toward an era of greater communication and innovation, it is crucial that we continue to observe and learn from the historical contexts in which African American people fought for equality and the American Dream.

      In Minnesota, we see every day African American people engaged in the community, as friends and neighbors, scholars, teachers, workers in industry, leaders, and contributors to our state’s quality of life. We must acknowledge and pay tribute to the generations of our citizens who struggled through adversity, risked their lives for justice, fought a fight that at times seemed impossible to win, persevered, and continue to advocate equality for all. 

      The month of February gives us a chance to honor the many heroes who are unknown and unnamed but who have contributed to the struggle of freedom and justice for all. This is why the Governor recently proclaimed February to be Black History Month. Black History Month encourages all Minnesotans to come together, reflect on our collective past and reveal history’s impact on present conditions. As a state, and as a nation, we can continue to work together to guarantee equal opportunity for all citizens.