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      Better government a priority for Dayton administration

      Posted on November 03, 2011 at 2:10 PM

      Last month, Governor Dayton unveiled a new approach to government reform in Minnesota, a comprehensive, ongoing effort the administration calls Better Government for a Better Minnesota. The Pioneer Press recently sat down with the Governor’s chief of staff Tina Smith and the Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Administration, Spencer Cronk, to talk in more detail about the initiative and meaningful reforms already underway.

      An article published today highlighted some of the important takeaways:

      “There are great people working in state government, but they are working in systems that are all messed up," Smith said. "Old laws, old programs that were designed over 50 years ago in some cases."

      Smith continued:

      "Budget pressures are extreme on state government," she said. "If we don't change the way we operate, then the costs, particularly of health care, are going to crowd out all of the other stuff that we need to do. ... There is intense pressure on the public sector to work hard to change the way we do business because the status quo just doesn't work anymore."

      For more, check out the full article from the Pioneer Press, in addition to a series of video clips of the original conversation with Smith and Cronk. Finally, stay tuned to the Better Government for a Better Minnesota web page for news on all the latest reform efforts.