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      Governor Dayton Identifies Issues Following Jobs Summit

      Posted on October 31, 2011 at 11:48 AM

      Last week, Governor Dayton concluded his economic development tour with a statewide Jobs Summit.  The event was a huge success and hosted more than 800 business, academic and government leaders.  During the day, discussions were held on the role of government in job creation, access to capital for small businesses and how we can continue to improve and align our state’s workforce.  Governor Dayton has developed a list of next steps we need to take to approach job creation moving forward.  Those steps are:

      1. Improve access to capital for small businesses, and expanding medium sized businesses 

      2. Align our educational system – particularly higher education, technical training, and workforce retaining for displaced workers – with the jobs available now and most likely available in the future 

      3. Continue streamlining the permitting process and reducing permitting timetables

      4. Improve both physical and communications infrastructure by increasing our investment in highways, bridge repairs and improvements, and achieving the goal of creating border to border broadband and cell phone access for all Minnesotans regardless of where they live

      5. Continue reform efforts under Better Government for Better Minnesota, bringing better state services to Minnesotans at a lower cost

      6. Increase exports as well as reverse investment by encouraging foreign companies to make investments here in Minnesota and expanding opportunities for Minnesota companies to export goods and services

      7. Close achievement and employment gaps among both minority groups and non-minority groups in Minnesota

      In the past months Governor Dayton has shown a willingness to listen to Minnesotans and solicit input from anyone willing to have a conversation about getting our economy working again. Now that he has heard those concerns, he is showing the leadership we need to build a better Minnesota.