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      Governor’s Job Summit: Innovation Hall

      Posted on October 25, 2011 at 2:30 PM

      The Governor’s Job Summit today also included Innovation Hall, which housed a series of booths that featured unique products, machines and technologies that showcased the inventiveness and creativity in Minnesota.

      Walking through the Hall, experts, researchers and company leaders were on hand to describe and explain the exciting innovations on hand.

      University of Minnesota researchers demonstrated how localized blasts of radiation via ultrasound would soon be able to treat tumors, cancerous tissue and more diseases in a completely noninvasive way.

      An engineer from Nova-Tech Engineering, standing in front of a large 5-foot tall machine — kept in motion throughout the summit to demonstrate its function — explained how this machine is used in hatcheries all around the world. It uses automation and infrared technology to safely vaccinate and treat the beaks of baby turkeys, ducks and chickens at a rate previously impossible to achieve.

      On the table of one booth sat a number of bottles containing everything from algae samples to olive oil. Here representatives from Mcgyan Biodiesel used these bottles to describe their innovative process to create and process biodiesel, an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fuels.

      In a somewhat related field, electric car battery technology from ReGo showed that Minnesota is represented on the forefront of electric car development. ReGo’s lithium ion batteries increase fuel efficiency of already efficient hybrid vehicles by significant amounts, and are especially useful in running hybrids in cold weather.

      Throughout the day, Innovation Hall was one of the busiest locations at the Governor’s Job Summit, as these individuals and companies shared their exciting work with other Minnesotans. To learn more about the exhibitors of Innovation Hall, be sure to check out our “Spotlight on Innovation” series, which ran in the days leading up to the Job Summit.