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      Governor Dayton talks economic development in Duluth at Chamber dinner

      Posted on October 21, 2011 at 1:55 PM

      Last night, Governor Dayton was the keynote speaker at the 141st annual Duluth Chamber of Commerce dinner. The Governor spoke about the importance of investing in education and infrastructure, and praised Duluth’s public and private sectors for working successfully together.  

      "We face economic challenges throughout our state, but as Duluth shows people pulling together and the public sector private sector working together, it generates the jobs that keep people here and keep the city vibrant,” Governor Dayton said after taking the stage to a standing ovation, according to WDIO-ABC.

      The Duluth News Tribune also highlighted the annual dinner, noting the Governor’s praise for Duluth’s history of overcoming adversity.

      “[Governor Dayton] said Duluth is “no stranger to triumphs over adversity” and its “demise was predicted” with the loss of a manufacturing economy that left the city a shell of itself. He said a now-vibrant downtown, Canal Park and other areas show that the city could “not only survive but thrive.”

      He said big ideas will win the day and mentioned the proposed Northern Lights Express train to Minneapolis as among them. He spoke of too much regulation getting in the way of progress, such as the expansion at the Duluth International Airport requiring wrangling with four levels of bureaucracy within one government agency.

      “That’s not regulation, that’s ridiculous,” he said to applause.”