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      Governor Dayton speaks on the American Jobs Act

      Posted on October 14, 2011 at 8:12 AM

      Yesterday, Governor Dayton traveled to Washington, DC and spoke on the American Jobs Act after attending a White House meeting with Bill Daley, President Barack Obama's chief of staff.

      The Star Tribune reports:

      The meeting came two days after the U.S. Senate blocked the bill in a Republican-led filibuster. The administration has vowed to press on with the legislation, either in whole or in parts.
      Rejecting the jobs bill, Dayton said, is “the wrong thing for the people of Minnesota, and the wrong thing for the people of this country… We as governors know how vital this is for our states.”
      Dayton appeared at the White House with two other Democratic governors, Martin O’Malley of Maryland and Christine Gregoire of Washington State.

      The Governor was in Washington, DC for a National Governors Association Executive Committee Meeting.