GCB Monthly Reports

Each month, all licensed gambling organizations must complete an electronic file prescribed by the Board that includes:

The electronic file must be submitted to the Board by the 20th of the following month.

All submissions should be sent to: gcbreports@gcb.state.mn.us

Do not send any correspondence to this email address.


Contact the Compliance Specialist assigned to your organization's county regarding any requests for
Electronic Filing extensions.


GCB Report Instructions

For completing and submitting forms LG100A, LG100C, and LG100F electronically.  These instructions provide step-by-step detail on opening the file and completing, saving, printing, and submitting your monthly reports.


E-Filing Checklist

Review this checklist prior to submitting your reports each month to help make sure that they are sent correctly.

Electronic Filing Template - Excel

Gambling Software - Private Vendors

Many organizations use computer software specifically designed to help manage their lawful gambling activity.  These programs typically are able to produce completed monthly reports suitable for submission to the Gambling Control Board in lieu of the Excel file provided by the Board.

GCBREPORTS Instructions for Non-Excel Users

The electronic format requires the use of Microsoft Excel 2010 or later, or a compatible spreadsheet program.

If your organization has ten or fewer sites use:

GCBREPORTS 03 17 2016

If your organization has more than ten sites contact your Compliance Specialist.