Site-level Forest Management Committee


  • Review and propose revisions to the MFRC's voluntary site-level timber harvesting and forest management (TH/FM) guidelines to the full council
  • Provide oversight and guidance to monitoring¬†implementation of the TH/FM guidelines on forestland in Minnesota
  • Provide oversight to other resource monitoring efforts (e.g., land use change, extent of riparian harvest) and identify key resource use issues at the site scale
  • Identify and support research initiatives that study the effectiveness of the TH/FM guidelines in protecting resource functions and values, as well as initiatives that assess emerging threats to these functions and values.


  • Greg Bernu, Chair
  • Scott Pittack
  • Katie Fernholz
  • Kathleen Preece
  • Deb Theisen
  • Rick Horton

Staff Liaisons

Updated 2017-05-03