Information Management Committee

The Information Management Committee assists the council in meeting its statutory mandate to advise the governor and federal, state, county, and local governments on sustainable forest resource policies and practices, with specific regard to its statutory mandate to "...advise the Governor and federal, state, county, and local governments on sustainable forest resource policies and practices." (Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 89A.06)


  • Help advance and focus the discussion of the forest policy issues selected by MFRC. It will do this by compiling and disseminating to the MFRC information and analyses that are relevant to those policy issues.
  • Ensure that the Interagency Information Cooperative (IIC), now the responsibility of the University of Minnesota – College of Natural Resources, fulfills its purpose. The purpose of the IIC is defined in M.S. Chapter 89A.09
  • Bring to the attention of the MFRC trends in ecological, economic, and social factors that may affect Minnesota forests.
  • If directed by MFRC, develop the tools (e.g., papers, publications, audio-visual presentations) for communicating the results of MFRC’s policy work to the Legislature and Governor.


Committee membership includes council members and invited members from the natural resource community. The committee meets on a quarterly basis to assess and synthesize data and information resources available regarding priority policy issues of the Council and information needs among the natural resource community. The committee is also charged with oversight of the Interagency Information Cooperative, a legislatively funded partnership between the following organizations:

  • Minnesota Forest Resources Council
  • Minnesota Association of County Land Commissioners
  • Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
  • Minnesota Land Management Information Center
  • University of Minnesota
  • U.S. Forest Service


  • John Fryc, Chair
  • Alan Ek
  • Connie Cummins
  • Dennis Kepler
  • Howard Hoganson
  • George Host
  • Pat Miles
  • Bob Owens
  • Susan Solterman Audette
  • Deb Theisen
  • Mark White

Staff Liaisons

  • Calder Hibbard, Policy Analyst
Updated 2017-05-03