Supporting a Competitive Forest Industry

The Minnesota Forest Resources Council recognizes the importance of a healthy, competitive forest products industry for both the maintenance of healthy forests and the economy of Minnesota. While industries have faced significant challenges in recent years, there are also opportunities. There is considerable interest in renewable energy sources and opportunities for carbon sequestration within our forests. We are actively involved in these policy discussions and encourage consideration of ecological, economic and social sustainability in all decisions. Further information on the forest products industry in Minnesota may be found within recent Governor’s Task Force Reports (2006, 2007) and at the Minnesota DNR, and Minnesota Forest Industries sites.

Northern Minnesota Forestry Analysis (2011)

The MFRC commissioned an update to our 2002 Forestry Bottleneck Analysis to measure the importance of the forest products and tourism sectors. This analysis, conducted by region, examined the current position of these sectors in northern Minnesota. The study found that although most of the forest products sectors declined over the past ten years, they continue to be the most important economic drivers in northern Minnesota. The hospitality sectors have remained relatively stable over the past decade. The current report is, Northern Minnesota Forestry Analysis.
Updated 2017-02-23