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Licensed Firefighter

Minnesota is the first state in the nation to license firefighters. The Minnesota Board of Firefighter Training and Education (MBFTE) was designated to be the licensing agency.

Agency contact information:

Firefighter Training & Education (MBFTE), Minnesota Board of
445 Minnesota Street, Suite 146
St. Paul, MN 55101
(651) 201-7257 | (888) 995-3473
(651) 215-0525(fax)
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Minnesota Board of Firefighter Training & Education

Firefighter Training & Education (MBFTE), Minnesota Board of

Qualified Instructors

The Minnesota Board of Firefighter Training and Education (MBFTE) function is to: review fire service training needs and make recommendations on training to Minnesota fire service organizations; establish standards for educational programs for the fire service and develop procedures for continuing oversight of the programs; establish qualifications for fire service training instructors in programs; and establish standards under which reimbursement will be provided for training and education.


Minn. Stats. 299N


Minnesota Firefighter License Application

The application is available on the MBFTE website at Minnesota Firefighter License Application.


All full-time firefighters must be licensed by July 1, 2011 as a condition of their employment.

Paid-on-call and volunteer firefighters may be licensed, but must meet the same standards and conditions of licensing as full time firefighters.

There is one license regardless of the employment status of a firefighter.

Every three years a licensed firefighter must complete 72 hours of MBFTE-approved continuing firefighter education. See the 72 Hour CFE Guidelines information.

Any career Firefighters who are currently employed by a Minnesota fire department (full-time) must be licensed by the State of Minnesota. Part-time, paid-on-call or volunteer firefighters may choose to be licensed (not mandatory), provided they meet the licensing requirements.

In order to become a licensed firefighter, you must have IFSAC Firefighter II (2002 or newer) certification and must be employed by a Minnesota Fire Department.

If you meet the above requirements:

Complete and print the firefighter license application; Licensing Application.

Verification of your employment is a requirement.  Please check this list of fire departments first: FD Rosters to see if your department is listed. If your department is not listed, you must also submit a completed Employment Verification form.

Provide a copy of your IFSAC Firefighter II certificate (if you do not have a copy, please contact the Minnesota Fire Service Certification Board at (866) 566-0911 to request a copy);

Enclose a check or money order payable to MBFTE in the amount of $75.

Mail the above documents to:

445 Minnesota St., Suite 146
St. Paul, MN 55101

Review the Board's Licensing Q & A information.

If your questions are not answered by the Q&A information, contact the Licensing Coordinator at (651) 201-7259 or (888) 995-3473 or email the Board at


License fee - $75

Renewal fee - $75

Licensing surcharge to be assessed

The Minnesota Legislature passed legislation requiring a 10% surcharge of no less than $5 and no more than $150 on each business, commercial, professional or occupational license. The funding from this surcharge will go to MN.IT Services (formerly Office of Enterprise Technology (OET)), which is establishing an electronic licensing system for the state. The surcharge will be in place through June 30, 2015. See Minn. Stat. § 16E.22.

Period of Issuance:

Three years.

Other Pertinent Information:

A fire chief wanting to submit a "Certified Roster" of their department will need to complete the Certification of Roster form.

See this information for Qualified Instructors.