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Wells and Borings: Dewatering Well Contractor License

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) licenses contractors who construct, repair, and seal wells and borings.

Agency contact information:

Health (MDH), Minnesota Department of
625 Robert St. N.
P.O. Box 64975
St. Paul, MN 55164-0975
(651) 201-5000 | (888) 345-0823 (MN toll free)
Well Management Section Central Office
(651) 201-4600 | (800) 383-9808
Contact Info:


Minnesota Department of Health

Well Management

The Minnesota Department of Health is the state's lead public health agency, responsible for protecting, maintaining and improving the health of all Minnesotans.


Minn. Stats. 103I.101


MINNESOTA RULES 4725.0475 - 4725.0650


Qualification Application (to document experience)

License - Original/Renewal Application 

Representative Certification - Original/Renewal Application 

Qualification application forms are available on the MN Dept. of Health (MDH) website, Well Management section at Well Management Licensing Applications and Registration.


Qualification Application (document experience):
- 2 years of experience (5 dewatering wells/yr, 500 hours/yr).

- pass a written exam (given at any district office).

Licensing (original) and renewals:
- provide a $10,000 corporate surety bond,
- register drilling machines and pump hoists,
- provide worker's comp. insurance info.,
- provide tax ID info. (original license only),
- document 2 contact hours of MDH continuing education (renewals only),
- submit records for work completed in previous year (renewals only).


Qualification Application - $75 

 Certified Representative Renewal Application - $75 

Original License / Renewal - $75

Registration of Pump Hoists and Drilling Machines - $75 each 

Period of Issuance:

Annual (February 1 - January 31).

Length of Determination Process:

Variable, depending on adequacy of documentation, identification of problems during application review, results of examination, and problems obtaining a bond. Typically, within 3 months of qualification application submittal.

Other Pertinent Information:

The MDH actually licenses the company. The individual, who must meet the experience and exam requirements, serves as the certified representative.