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Natural Resources (DNR), Minnesota Department of
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Watercraft licenses - registration procedures and fees

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The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) manages the state's natural resources. Hunting, fishing, state forests and parks, lakes, rivers and streams, boating and water safety, trails, snowmobiling, skiing, education, enforcement, wildlife management, lands and minerals are managed by the DNR.


Registration procedures

Register your new watercraft:

  • In person at any MN Dept. of Public, DVS (Driver & Vehicle Services) office locations (where you license your car) or at the DNR License Center, 500 Lafayette Road, St. Paul, MN 55155-4026.

    If your new boat (except kayaks or canoes) is longer than 16', your dealer will apply for title and registration (license) on your behalf, and is responsible for providing you with license materials.

    When you register your boat for the first time, know its length, manufacturer, type of hull material (wood, metal, or plastic), type of propulsion, model, year, serial or hull identification number (HIN) and have a sales receipt that shows you have paid the sales tax.

    Length is the straight-line distance from the foremost part of the boat (bow) to the rearmost part of the boat (stern). Bowsprits, outboard motor brackets, rudders and other attachments are not included in the measurement.

    Boat registrations are good for 3 calendar years.

Renew your watercraft registration:

For more information view the DNR website at Watercraft licenses - registration procedures & fees.



Watercraft title fees


Type of Watercraft Registration Fee Aquatic Invasive Species surcharge

Issuing Fee If new, renewal & transfer or transfer only: $8.50; If renewal only or duplicate card & decals: $6

Watercraft owned by non-profit organization
(used for teaching water safety camp,
Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, YMCA, YWCA, etc.)
$4.50 $5 +issuing fee
Rental or lease watercraft up to and including 19 feet
(over 19 feet same as pleasure craft)
$9 $5 +issuing fee
Rental or lease personal watercraft (Jet Skis, etc.) $37.50 $5 +issuing fee

Canoes, kayaks, sailboards,
rowing shells (not rowboats), paddleboats, paddleboards and sailboats under 19'

$10.50 $5 +issuing fee
Personal watercraft (Jet skis, etc.) $37.50 $5

+issuing fee

Pleasure craft less than 17 feet $18 $5 +issuing fee
Pleasure craft 17 feet up to and including 19 feet $27 $5 +issuing fee
Pleasure craft over 19 feet but less than 26 feet $45 $5 +issuing fee
Pleasure craft 26 feet but less than 40 feet $67.50 $5 +issuing fee
Pleasure craft 40 feet in length and over $90 $5 +issuing fee
Dealer's license $67.50 $5 +issuing fee
Any watercraft more than 19 feet
in length for hire with an operator
$75 $5 +issuing fee
Transfer without renewal $4.50 $0 +issuing fee
Duplicate registration card $4.50 $0 +issuing fee
Duplicate decal only $0 $0 +issuing fee
Sailboat 19' or less $10.50 $

Boats for hire: See the MN Dept. of Labor & Industry (DLI), Boats-for-hire information.  

Period of Issuance:

Boat registrations are good for 3 calendar years.

Length of Determination Process:

Immediate to two weeks.

Other Pertinent Information:

Refer to the  Minnesota Boating Guide 2015  

Minnesota Boating Guide 2015   

Refer to this new Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) training requirement for 2015.