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Utility Accommodation on Trunk Highway Right of Way

Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT)

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Minnesota Department of Transportation

Utility Agreements & Permits

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The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) provides a balanced transportation system. Responsible areas include aeronautics, highways, motor carriers, ports, public transit, railroads and pipelines.


Minn. Stats. 161.45


MINNESOTA RULES 8810.3100 - 8810.3600


Application for Utility Accommodation On Trunk Highway Right-of-Way Form 2525

The application is available on the MN Dept. of Transportation (MnDOT) website, Utility Agreements & Permits section at Permit information and forms.

Utility Accommodation Form 2525 is used for the vast majority of utility placements and relocations. Form 2525 is for placing, constructing, and reconstructing utilities within trunk highway right of way, whether longitudinally, oblique, or perpendicular in relationship to the centerline of the highway (utilities crossing the highway, or parallel installations). This form is sent to the MnDOT Central Office in St Paul for processing. Refer to Utility Agreements and Permits Contacts


Print (in ink), type the application, or fill out on line and print form

· Be sure to sign it at the bottom. Submit the original form only; submit all 4 pages of application. 

Submit the following information:

· One permit application form completed in its entirety, if an item does not apply, print “N.A.” in the blank,

· Two sets of sketches, no larger than 11 x 17.

· Drawn to a scale no smaller than 1 inch = 200 feet

· Include location of all other utilities within the construction area

· Include a typical of all pole structures, if applicable

· A separate application for each trunk highway

· A separate application for each maintenance area involved

-The sketch must show in detail the proposed location of any facilities to be placed as well as any relocation of existing facilities. The sketch must include the location of all other utilities within the area. The sketches must be on state right of way maps or state construction plan sheets.

-The sketch must contain references from the trunk highway centerline or the right of way line and a starting and ending point must be given. If there is no right of way map available a detailed drawing must be submitted with distances given from pertinent features such as centerline, right of way lines, curb and gutter, distances from nearest county roads and highway mile markers, etc.

-After the permit has been approved the applicant will be notified of the approved permit and of the amount of security deposit required. The permit will include Special Provisions indicating the construction requirements.  Compliance with all Special Provisions is required.  A copy of the permit must be in the possession of the utility contractor while working on MnDOT right of way.  

-A security deposit is required for permits that authorize work in state right of way to ensure that work is completed to MnDOT's satisfaction.  The District Permit Office will determine the amount and type of deposit to be submitted. The security deposit must be payable to the "Minnesota Commissioner of Transportation" and must be irrevocable and cannot expire. 

-After construction has been completed and all turf items re-established, the applicant must return the certificate of completion form to the District Permit Office for final inspection. If all work is satisfactory, the District Permit Office will determine when the security deposit will be returned to the applicant.

A surety bond is usually required and retained for one or two years after installation. Wording for bonding (individual or continuing) is available on the MnDOT website at Permit Information and Forms  

MnDOT accommodation of utilities on highway right of way shall be followed. Refer to the Utility Agreements and Permits Policy and Guidance.


No fee.

Period of Issuance:


Length of Determination Process:

Four to six weeks.

Other Pertinent Information:

Form is also used by private companies and individuals to cross the highways.

Basic clearances for aerial lines are in chart form at Utility Agreements and Permits Policy and Guidance.

The Minnesota Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) is available at Utility owners.