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The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) works to help communities to measurably improve the well-being of children through programs that focus on education, community services, prevention, and the preparation of young people for the world of work.


Minn. Stats. 122A.09


Minnesota Rules 8710.


Applying for a first-time Minnesota educator license and online license renewal is available on the MN Dept. of Education website at Data Submissions.

Application information and forms are also available on the MN Dept. of Education Licensing web page.

Minnesota operates on a single packet submission basis. The completed application, all supporting transcripts, documents, fingerprint card, and fees must be submitted in the same envelope. Partial or incomplete submissions will be returned to the applicant.


Educator License Application Type Definitions
Apply for a Minnesota Educator License through the Online Licensing System (see link above).  Use the following license type definitions to determine the type of license application to complete.

  • First-Time Full Professional Minnesota Education License: Available to applicants who have completed a teacher or administrative licensure program or applicants applying for licensure as a school nurse, school social worker, Speech Language Pathologist, school counselor, or school psychologist.
  • Limited Full Time License: Available to applicants who have completed a bachelor’s degree or higher degree with at least a minor in the area being requested, but have not completed a teacher education program.  Application also requires a district verification form signed by the Minnesota public school district verifying a hardship in locating a fully licensed teacher for the assignment.
  • Limited Intern: Requires district and college/university signature.
  • Two-Year, Short-Call Substitute: Available to applicants who have a bachelor’s degree, but not in education. The school district must verify a hardship in locating licensed teachers.
  • Five-Year, Short-Call Substitute: Available to applicants who have completed a teacher licensure program, but do not wish to apply for a full-time license at this time. Available to related services personnel only after the issuance of a full-time Board of Teaching license.
  • Lifetime Short-Call Substitute: Available to applicants who held an education license and are currently receiving retirement annuities.  Applicants who currently have a Minnesota File Folder Number (FFN) will need to use the paper application (available below under Forms for Processes Not Yet Available Online titled “Verification of Teacher Retirement for a Lifetime Short-Call Substitute License”).  If you have never had a Minnesota FFN, you must apply using the system online for a “Lifetime Short-Call Substitute License.”

Review the requirements for:


See Fingerprinting Requirements and Fee in the Requirements section above. Fees are non-refundable processing fees and will not be returned to applicants not qualifying for licensure.

License Fee:
First-time online application - $90.65
Online renewals - $64.40 

Temporary military license - $87.90 for online application / $86.40 for paper application

Licensing surcharge to be assessed

The Minnesota Legislature passed legislation requiring a 10% surcharge of no less than $5 and no more than $150 on each business, commercial, professional or occupational license. The funding from this surcharge will go to MN.IT Services (formerly Office of Enterprise Technology (OET)), which is establishing an electronic licensing system for the state. The surcharge will be in place through June 30, 2015. See Minn. Stat. § 16E.22.

Period of Issuance:

Varies depending upon the type of license.

Length of Determination Process:

Contact the Department.