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Swimming Pool and Spa Pool Plan Review

The construction or alteration of a pool requires submittal and approval of plans and specifications.

Agency contact information:

Health (MDH), Minnesota Department of
625 Robert St. N.
P.O. Box 64975
St. Paul, MN 55164-0975
(651) 201-5000 | (888) 345-0823 (MN toll free)
Environmental Health Services
Swimming Pool Engineering
P.O. Box 64975, 625 N. Robert St., St. Paul, MN 55164-0975 | (651) 201-4503
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Minnesota Department of Health

Public Swimming Pools

The Minnesota Department of Health is the state's lead public health agency, responsible for protecting, maintaining and improving the health of all Minnesotans.




Pool and Spa Plan Review Application

Applications are available on the Minnesota Dept. of Health (MDH) website, Environmental Health section at Plan Review and Inspections of Public Swimming Pools.


Refer to the Minnesota Dept. of Health website, Environmental Health section at Public Swimming Pools.


Plan Review and Inspection Fees :

Swimming Pools, Wading Pools, Therapy Pools, each - $1,500
Spray Decks and Interactive Water Features, each - $1,500
Spa Pools, each - $800, each
Alterations not altering shape/size - $600
Slides - $600, each
Disinfection system change - $100
Request for Variance - $500
Second main drain addition -$600, each

*Checks should be made payable to Minnesota Department of Health

Public Pool Plan Review-Small Projects <$250,000

New Pool Construction - $1,500
Alterations - $600
Spa Pools - $800

Public Pool Plan Review-Large Projects >$250,000

All Projects (.5% of estimated value with cap) - $15,000

The project engineer or architect must sign and submit an Estimated Value List (EVL) for the project. The EVL must include the value of all items commonly reviewed by this department, including all slides and towers, all pumps, filters, chemical treatment systems, piping, decking, diving boards, ladders, railings, play structures, theme-work within 5 feet of water, fencing and the pool structure itself. The EVL need not include items that are commonly reviewed by another inspector, program or department, such as: electrical, the roof and walls, domestic drinking water and sewer system, HVAC, site prep, landscaping and lighting. The fee of 0.5% will be assessed to the EVL total, to a maximum of $10,000 per pool project. If the maximum fee is paid, the EVL is not required.

Public Pool Other Plan Review

Disinfection System Change - $100
Slides for Small Project or Alteration - $600 

Other Pertinent Information:

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