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Feedlot State Disposal System Permit

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA)

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Feedlot Program

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The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is responsible for administering environmental permitting, compliance/enforcement, remediation and outreach programs to help Minnesota protect its environment.


Minn. Stats. 116.07


MINNESOTA RULES 7001.0020, 7020.0405, 7020.2000 - 7020.2225, and 7009.0180


MPCA Feedlot Application

Land Application Agreement, Additional Manure Disposal Area

Attachment Form for Permit Transfer/Name Change, if needed

Application forms are available on the MN Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) website, Feedlot Program section at Feedlot Permit Information and Application Forms.


The 2011 Legislature passed legislation that created an option for some feedlot owners to receive an SDS permit only; instead of the combination NPDES/SDS permit. The new SDS permit options are currently being developed in response to the legislation. More information will be provided as the permits become available.

Contact MPCA Feedlot Program for details. The requirements are dependent on the nature and complexity of the applicant's facility.


Application fee for General Permit - $620

Application fee for Individual Permit - $1,860

Annual fee for General Permit - $345

Annual fee for Individual Permit - $1,230

Period of Issuance:

Ten years.

Length of Determination Process:

Depends on the complexity of the permit.

Other Pertinent Information:

A State Disposal System (SDS) Permit is issued to facilities that (1) have 1,000 or more animal units and are not required by Federal law to apply for an NPDES permit, (2) require more than two years to correct problems due to technical or economic problems, (3) do not dispose of manure as domestic fertilizer, or (4) use new technology or need specific operating conditions.  

Minnesota County Boards may not assume responsibility for processing applications for SDS permits.