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Snowmobile State Trail Sticker

A Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Snowmobile State Trail sticker is required for all snowmobiles operating on state or grant-in-aid trails.

Agency contact information:

Natural Resources (DNR), Minnesota Department of
500 Lafayette Rd.
St. Paul, MN 55155
(651) 296-6157 | (888) 646-6367 | (651) 296-5484 (TTY) | (800) 657-3929 (TTY)
Division of Licensing


Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Snowmobile state trail sticker

Four ways to get a trail sticker:

1. Go to a Electronic License System (ELS) agent:

2. Call (888) 665-4236


4. Go to the MN Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR) License Center, 500 Lafayette Rd., St. Paul, MN 55155. 

5. Complete the order form and send the full amount for each permit to:

Snowmobile Trail Sticker
DNR License Bureau
500 Lafayette Road
St. Paul, MN 55155-4026
(Make checks payable to Minnesota DNR)

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The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) manages the state's natural resources. Hunting, fishing, state forests and parks, lakes, rivers and streams, boating and water safety, trails, snowmobiling, skiing, education, enforcement, wildlife management, lands and minerals are managed by the DNR.


A Snowmobile State Trail sticker is required for all snowmobiles not registered in Minnesota and operating on state or Grant-In-Aid trails. 

Anyone stopped by enforcement and found operating on a state or grant-in-aid trail without a sticker will be required to purchase a $31 annual sticker. ($70 permit fee plus $1 filing fee.)

A Snowmobile State Trail Sticker is not required for:

-a snowmobile while being used to groom a state or grant-in-aid trail

-a snowmobile owned by the federal government, Indian tribal government, state, and political subdivisions

-operating a collector snowmobile with a permit

-operating a snowmobile on portions of a trail owned by the person or the person’s spouse, child, or parent

Contact the MN Dept. of Natural Resources Information Center at (651) 296-6157 or (888) 646-6367 or refer to Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Refer also to the  2015-2016 MN Snowmobile Safety Laws, Rules & Regulation


2015-2016 Minnesota Snowmobile Safety Laws, Rules & Regulations


Annual Sticker fee - $36 

Snowmobile Dealer/Manufacturer State Trail Pass - $16

Period of Issuance:

Annual trail sticker is valid from November 1 - June 30.

Length of Determination Process:

Immediate to two weeks, depending on how pass is purchased.

Other Pertinent Information:

Refer to the Snowmobiling page for information on; Snowmobile trails in State Parks, State Forests and State Trails; Studded track laws; Safety training; Snow depth and trail conditions.

For more detailed information Contact the DNR.