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Sanitary Sewer Extension Permit

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA)

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The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is responsible for administering environmental permitting, compliance/enforcement, remediation and outreach programs to help Minnesota protect its environment.


Minn. Stats. 115.07




Sanitary Sewer Extension Permit Application

The application form is available in multiple formats on the MPCA website, Water section at Water Quality Permit Application and Miscellaneous Forms.


Permit requirements depend on the individual Sanitary Sewer Extension permit application.
“Fast Track” applications are those that have been “self certified” that design requirements have been met and do not require review of plans and specifications. “Slow Track” applications require MPCA review of project plans and specifications.

Please see the "Sanitary Sewer Modifications, Additions or Extension Permits" factsheet located on the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) website.


Permit fees are established in Minn. Rules 7002

Application fee is flow based ranging from $310 to $930

No annual fee

Period of Issuance:

This permit is valid for the construction and operation of the sanitary sewer system.

Length of Determination Process:

Our goal is to complete Sanitary Sewer Extension permits for “Fast Tracked” projects within two weeks. Issuance of “Slow Track” permits will vary greatly depending on complexity of projects and the rate of exchange of necessary information from project owners. These projects require submittal and MPCA approval of plans and specifications which meet State design criteria. You can determine if your project will be “Fast or Slow Track” by completing the Sanitary Sewer Extension Permit Application on the MPCA website. “Fast Track” projects are those that can certify that they conform to the MPCA design criteria and do not require review of plans and specifications. Projects that cannot certify conformance with the MPCA design criteria will be on the “Slow Track.”