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Wholesaler / Manufacturer's Intoxicating Liquor License

Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS)

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Minnesota Department of Public Safety

Alcohol & Gambling Enforcement Division

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The Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS) is responsible for the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA), Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement, Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS), Emergency Communication Networks, Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Office of Justice Programs, State Fire Marshal, Pipeline Safety, State Highway Patrol, Capitol Security and Traffic Safety.


Minn. Stats. 340A.301




Application for Wholesaler's / Manufacturer's Intoxicating Liquor License

Application forms are available on the MN Dept. of Public Safety website, Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement section at Forms/Documents.


$10,000 Surety Bond

Must be 21 years of age.

Be of good moral character and reputation.

Has not had a license issued under Minn. Stat. § 340A revoked within the preceding 5 years.

Not been convicted of a felony within the preceding 5 years, or a willful violation of a federal, state, or local ordinance governing the manufacture, sale, distribution, or possession for sale of distribution of alcoholic beverages.


Wholesaler of Intoxicated Liquor fee - $15,000

Manufacturer of Intoxicated Liquor fee - $30,000

Brewer (brews over 3,500 barrels annually) fee - $4,000

Brewer (brews between 2,000-3,500 barrels annually) fee - $500

Wholesaler of Wine fee - $3,750

Wholesaler of Malt Beverages fee - $1,000

Wine Manufacturer fee - $500

Micro Brewer (brews under 2,000 barrels annually) fee - $150

Brew Pub fee - $500

Farm Winery fee - $50

Period of Issuance:

One year from the date of issuance.

Length of Determination Process:

30 days.

Other Pertinent Information:

Salesman's permits necessary for each salesperson selling for manufacturer or wholesaler.

$20 fee for each salesperson.

Pre-license inspection.