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The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) oversees the state's apprenticeship, construction codes and licensing, occupational safety and health, wage and hour standards and workers' compensation programs and the Office of Combative Sports.


Minn. Stats. 326.83


Minnesota Rules 2891.


Manufactured Home Installer License Application Packet

Manufactured Home Installer Renewal Packet 2012-2015

Manufactured Home Installer / Individual Proprietor Application for Registration Form

Applications and information is available on the MN Dept. of Labor and Industry (DLI) website, Construction Codes and Licensing Division (CCLD) section at Manufactured home installer license.


*The licensing program requires only Companies to obtain a license (therefore, in the case of an individual, the license is issued to an "individual proprietorship"). Each company, however, must designate one individual who will serve as a "Qualifying Person" regardless of whether the licensee is an individual proprietorship, partnership or corporation. Qualifying Person is the individual who must take the required examination and fulfill the continuing education requirements for the licensee.

All applications must include the following:

-Completed Manufactured Home Installer Application

-Completed Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) form.

-Attach $2,500 Surety Bond and Power of Attorney:
>Front of bond must be signed and sealed by surety company
>Front of bond must be signed by Owner of Individual Proprietorship, or President of Corporation, or General Partner of Partnership.
>Acknowledgments on back of bond must be notarized.
>The company name listed on the Surety Bond must be identical to the company name listed on the application.

-Attach copy of Articles of Incorporation, filed and stamped by Minnesota Secretary of State, Partnership agreement signed by all partners, or other Business Organization documents.

-Attach completed "Disclosure of Owners, Partners, Officers" form, providing names and addresses of all officers, directors, shareholders, partners or employees who exercise management or policy control in the company.

-Attach a completed BCA form for each individual listed on the "Disclosure of Owners, Partners, Officers" form.

-Attach copy of Certificate of Assumed Name, filed and stamped by the MN Secretary of State, if Business Name is different from Legal Name of Individual, Corporation, or other Business Entity.

-Attach all required Certificates of Insurance. (Legal Name and any Assumed Name must appear in "Insured Name" section of Certificate.)The "Certificate Holder" section of the  Certificate of Insurance must indicate:

 Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry
 Residential Building Contractor Unit
 443 Lafayette Road N.
 St. Paul, MN 55155-4344.

>Liability insurance with limits of at least $100,000 per occurrence, $300,000 aggregate limit for bodily injury and $25,000 property damage or $300,000 single limit for bodily injury and property damage of $300,000 for occurrence and aggregate limits.

>Minnesota workers' compensation insurance certificate or a written explanation of why the applicant is exempt from workers' compensation requirements. Applicants who have no employees and have no intention of hiring employees (other than spouse, parent or child) during the next year should attach a written statement with the license application explaining the specific reason that they are exempt. If uncertain regarding whether workers' compensation insurance is required for your business, contact the Minnesota Department of Labor & Industry at (651) 284-5005.

>Unemployment insurance or a written explanation of why the applicant is exempt from unemployment insurance requirements. If uncertain regarding whether unemployment insurance is required, contact the Minnesota Department Employment and Economic Development, Unemployment Insurance Division at (651) 296-6141, option 4.

Qualifying Person information:

Attach Qualifying Person Designation form. Each licensee must designate an individual to act as the licensee’s qualifying person. This individual must pass an exam administered by DLI. Examination results expire after two years. 

Qualifying Person must be Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation, or General Partner of Partnership, or Chief Manager of LLC, or Managing Employee who is regularly employed by the applicant and is actively engaged in the business of manufactured home installation on behalf of the applicant.


New license, certification and registration fees effective July 1, 2015

Period of Issuance:

A license is period is two years and ends on March 31. However, an initial license cannot be prorated and will expire on March 31 of the year following the first March 31 that occurs during the first license period. For example, a license issued in October 2014 will expire on March 31, 2016.

Length of Determination Process:

30 days.

Other Pertinent Information:

See Minn. Stats. § 326B.802-.885.