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Kennel License (Dogs and Cats)

A kennel is defined as any location where dogs and cats are kept, congregated or confined and if the dogs and cats were obtained from municipalities, pounds, auctions, or by advertising for unwanted dogs or cats, or dogs or cats strayed, abandoned, or stolen. The definition of a Kennel does not include a pound owned and operated by any political subdivision of the state, a person's home where dogs and cats are kept as pets, or a veterinarian licensed to practice in Minnesota who keeps, congregates, or confines dogs and cats in the normal pursuit of veterinary medicine.

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Animal Health, Minnesota Board of
625 Robert Street North
St. Paul, MN 55155
(651) 296-2942 | (800) 627-3529 (TTY)
(651) 296-7417(fax)
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Minnesota Board of Animal Health

Kennels Used as Animal Shelters  

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The Minnesota Board of Animal Health's responsibilities include protecting the health of domestic animals of the state.


Minn. Stats. 347.31




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